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The digital market is gradually increasing and the competition is exponentially being greater. Most of human’s population see the benefits of starting the freelancing business but not quite sure how to start it. In this blog post, I will show you how I started freelancing and what I consider and not in building my business.

1.    Defining your Goal

    The most important thing in starting freelancing business is to define your path. What is the reason why you want to start and what to achieve? How will you achieve it?

2.    Research a Profitable Niche.

    With high competition in markets, choosing a niche is quite difficult, the easier the niche is, the higher the competition is. Building your niche will be your path how will you achieve your goal. After choosing niche you may either already have or need to learn that skill. This will be a mandatory practice to master the niche of your choice.

    In my case, it was programming. I like the idea of coding, and since I loved it and will require real skill to accomplish tasks, I believe it has one of the services with less competition in the digital market unlike logo design, website development, etc.

3.    Identify Who is your Client

    You will need to know whom will you sell your niche, their needs, expectations, and how you will attract them. This will bring your sales.However, I won’t recommend for you to think about money when you are just starting the business. Gather as many trusts as possible and you will get the sales you desire by time.

4.    Set Strategic Prices for your Services

    In setting your prices, you must consider that there are already services existing in the market the same as yours, you must think of how will you make your client more benefited of your service than other freelancers in the market. But I won’t recommend you going too underpriced of your services as some clients may also think negatively about you.

5.     Create High Quality Portfolio

    Although, this is not as much as important compare from the list above, you may consider creating a portfolio for your clients to see your previous work. This will increase your chance of getting the task. However, there are some clients who are not really looking for this so depends on them. However, Much better having one.


In fact, These are only some of the factors I consider as I started freelancing. If you have any more thoughts how one could start a freelancing business, you may leave a comment below. Have a good day!

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