Services provided by Heartcode.

  Services provided by HeartCode includes listed below.

1.    Computer Desktop Application

2.    Java Programming

3.    Video Editing

4.    Photo Editing

5.     Website Development

6.     Android Application Development

7.    Virtual Assistant

8.    Graphics Design

9.     Microsoft Office Works

10.    Data Entry

11.    Audio Editing

 The company’s strength includes creating desktop applications, console application, mysql and SQLite database in Java. Aside from programming,we can also do video editing, logo design, photo editing and other graphics services. Heartcode have basic knowledge in Microsoft Office and Web Development and Game Development; HTML and CSS. We can work with any type of clients since the company has experience in customer care and has been working with different clients in the past to present. Thus, We consider ourselves as mystique brand of individual which clients finds curiosity for my services.

The company work 24 hours per day, 168 hours per week. Yes, We are available from 5:00 pm onwards Philippine Standard Time. The time zone will depend if it’s in range with my working hours.

My goal is to create my own business with teams of programmers expertise in different language to create innovative products that will be best in the market. To be able to do that, I would need to learn everything about Java and the concept and logics of programming.

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